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Cross Country Clinics with Aidan O’Connell
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 Why are we different from other tours?

Our programs are unique in that we have the consistency of riding with one instructor and access to some of Irelands best private courses; many not open to the public. We also use more than one venue, so we have new challenges and a change of scenery every day.

Jumping the Hedge

Aiden O'Connell

Aidan O’Connell is our trainer in Ireland and works directly with us at Jump Ireland as your personal riding instructor. With his extensive experience as a professional rider and trainer, Aidan has been able to develop a unique training program that benefits all riders, from beginners or novice riders, to the serious advanced competitor. 

Our clinics emphasize safety while cross-country jumping and in the hunt field, by improving balance and building confidence while riding the wonderful and the fantastic cross-country courses.

Cross Country Clinic

Up the Bank

We spend several days learning the fundamentals of jumping natural as well as man made cross-country fences in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. By breaking down each element and evaluating the way to ride each obstacle, we can look at each fence to determine what kind of question it asks both us as the rider, and the horse. 

We will also review photos and videos of each days schooling and you will have the chance to discuss with Aidan at length your goals as a rider and/or competitor. Each one of you will come away with a deeper understanding of riding and jumping and a true respect for the Irish horse! 

Aidan is continually schooling and educating young horses whose futures may lie in the hunting, eventing or show jumping disciplines.

 This is also the best way for him to find talented young horses for our extensive overseas clientele. Aidan teaches clinics in Ireland, Germany, and the United States.

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